Walking into the water at home...
...will ruin your day and your home!

The H2alO Smart Water Leak Detection Solution
keeps the water where it should be….in your pipes!

best water leak detection solution

Smart Technology to ensure your home or building is protected against water damage.

H2alO’s Smart Sensors detect, analyze and confirm water leaks before automatically shutting off the water. These advanced water leak detection sensors eliminate false alarms and missed leaks. You get superior water damage prevention without the hassle and aggravation caused by false alarms or undetected leaks. Many insurance companies now offer discounts for Water Leak Detection Solutions.

How Does it Work?

The H2alo Solution’s Four Step Process:

  1. The patented H2alo Smart Sensor detects, analyzes and confirms a water leak with as little water as ½ a teaspoon.

  2. The Sensor sends a signal to the H2alo Receiver that a water leak has been detected.

  3. The Receiver is connected to the main water shut off valve and shuts down the water supply to your home.

  4. The Receiver simultaneously notifies the WiFi which sends a text message or email notification to you that the water has been turned off.

water leak detection solution installed

Water Flow, Humidity and Temperature Management Options are Available

H2alo Versus Competition

What Our Customers Are Saying 

Your H2alo System just saved me thousands of dollars! On September 3, 2014 your sensor notified me that my hot water tank was leaking. Had your sensor not alerted me I would have come home to a flood! 

Four years ago this happened to me; I did not have the H2alo System at that time and I had to replace my Pergo floors which cost me BIG money.

D. Edwards | Naples, FL

We wanted to let you know that the H2alo Water Leak Detection Solution recently installed in our home worked fabulously upon arrival for the winter season. In short, we arrived on Saturday evening, turned on the water, and early Sunday (about 6:00am) the system started beeping ad shut the water off. It turned out that we had a very small leak under the kitchen sink which was repaired easily and no water damage occurred. The system worked exactly as advertised, including giving me a text message as well as our condo management of the shut down. Thanks for doing a great job.

Len and JoEllen Rubenstein | FL

Protect your property from expensive and disruptive water damage and water damage insurance claims

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