Sell the Smartest, Most Advanced and Most Reliable Water Damage Prevention Solution

Water Leak Detection and Water Damage Prevention is a rapidly growing market. With H2alO, you can add the best available Smart and Connected technology to your product line. No other Water Leak Detection solution has the quality, reliability and intelligence of H2alO. The Smart Water Detection Sensors are virtually indestructible. Once a possible water leak has been detected, the Smart Water Detection Sensor analyzes and confirms that there is a leak before informing the receiver to shut off the main water supply and send out water leak notifications. H2alO eliminates false alarms.  Most competitors sensor based water detection systems have two-pronged sensors and no intelligence. Whenever anything comes in contact with the two prongs, the alarm is triggered and the water is shut-off. False alarms are too common.  H2alO’s Smart Solution will provide your company with a superior water detection and water damage prevention product line .It includes:

  • Smart Sensors 
  • Wireless Notification
  • Automatic Water Shut-Off
  • Integration with Alarm Systems
  • Continuous Innovation technology
  • Best in class warranty
  • Optional A/C water leak detection and shut-off
  • Optional water flow, temperature and humidity management

Many insurance companies offer discounts for water leak detection systems. Water damage claims account for a large percentage of their payouts each year. Yet, 93% of water damage is preventable. H2alO is affordable, smart water damage prevention. Everyone needs a H2alO. Help make sure they get one. Fill out the form below to get detailed information about the benefits of becoming a H2alO Distributor or Dealer.

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