Why Choose The H2alO Solution?

What is a H2alO Solution?

H2alO is the most advanced and reliable Smart Water Leak Detection and Water Damage Prevention solution. Its intelligence, reliability, and quality are unmatched.

Our patented Smart Water Sensors are installed in high-risk locations throughout your home or building such as bathrooms, kitchens, air conditioners, ice makers, hot water heaters and washing machines. These Smart Sensors detect, analyze and confirm a water leak before they send a signal back to the receiver. Once the signal is sent, the receiver automatically closes the water valve to protect your home or building from water damage and water related mold damage. Unlike the other systems, our advanced technology ensures that there will be no false alarms and no missed leaks. H2alO also offers automatic a/c shut off for high rises. Additional capabilities include water flow, temperature and humidity management. 

Why would you have a H2alO?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you have a H2alO ? As pipes, water heaters, toilets, sinks, air conditioners, ice makers, etc. age, the more likely they are to burst, rust, break and leak. Water leaks are just a matter of time. These leaks are inevitable. HOWEVER, WATER LEAK RELATED DAMAGE IS PREVENTIBLE WITH H2alo.

Water Damage is the number 1 or number 2 claim in both cost and frequency for most Insurance Companies

The average cost of a water damage claim is $8,000 and can often be over $100,000

The collateral damage of a water leak can include disruption, displacement, and loss of inventory, property and irreplaceable valuables

Once a water claim is paid, insurance rates go up, policies are often canceled, and getting coverage on a new property is difficult and costly

98% of basements will flood 

Mold formation after a water leak is very common and very costly

Slow leaks often go undetected before it is too late.  They are often a precursor to a catastrophic water leak that can release several gallons of water per minute, causing extensive water damage. The results of these undetected leaks can cause rotting house framing and subfloors,

The list of grim facts about water leaks and water related mold damage goes on and on

Insurance claims are often denied for the following reasons

  • An undetected ongoing leak
  • An unrepaired leak
  • A preventable maintenance issue
  • Failure to mitigate damages
  • Failure to maintain heat and electricity in a building resulting in burst or broken pipe

Even if your claim is denied, the request is recorded and you become classified as a higher risk insurance policy holder. Your updated risk profile often results in increased insurance policy costs.

For a fraction of the cost of water damage remediation and to avoid all of the collateral damage of a significant water leak, you can purchase the H2alO System. With H2alo, home and building owners can rest comfortably that they have the maximum protection against water damage and mold related water damage whether the property is occupied or not.

If you think there is the slightest possibility that you will want to sell your house during your lifetime, know that the real estate community has become increasingly aware of serious mold issues – and that can do significant damage to home sales. As a home seller, you cannot afford to mess around with mold growth from a previous flood. There are not many things that will scare a home buyer away from your property than faster than mold!

Many home and buildings have an alarm system to protect their property from theft. However, you are 3x more likely to have water damage related expenses then you are to have theft-related expenses.  

Why the Smart H2alO Water Leak Solution is the best

  • The Patented Technology built into the H2alO Smart Sensor is what makes it the best. While most sensor-based competitors use 2 narrow probes connected to their sensor, the H2alO Smart Sensor has 1500 Transmitters built into the bottom of the component. It takes as little as a half teaspoon of water to detect, analyze and confirm that there is a leak.
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors analysis and confirmation of leaks prevent the false alarms that the two-pronged sensors are prone to
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors have a flat detection surface which eliminates issues arising from surfaces that are not level
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors are wireless and waterproof
  • H2alO are practically indestructible…you can literally drive a car over them and they will still work.
  • H2alO Smart Sensors can be placed directly on any surface such as metal, porcelain, ceramic tile or concrete allowing us to put them inside of walls for the protection of shower mixing valves.
  • H2alO Smart Sensors do not need to be mounted on a wall or baseboard
  • H2alO Smart Sensors detection area is 6 ½ square inches versus the two probe sensors which have only a ¼ “ detection area.
  • The H2alO Smart Sensors batteries last up to 3 years, far longer than any other on the market
  • H2alO is committed to a process of continuous innovation which is reflected in the many improvements and feature additions that are regularly released 
  • H2alO has an 80-hour system backup with automatic shut-off, while most competitors backups are a maximum of 6 hours and have no automatic shut-offs.
  • H2alO is a commercial quality system that is affordable for everyone, including homeowners.

What does the H2alO solution cost to have installed

The cost of a H2alO solution varies depending upon the size and number of water sources in your home or building. However, it will always be significantly less than the cost of water damage remediation and repair…not to mention the stress of the disruption to your home or business!

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