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water damage prevention for high rise buildings

Water Damage Prevention for Entire High Rise Buildings

Water Leaks in a High Rise building pose a great threat for extensive water damage. If the source of the water leak is a unit on a high floor, the units below are very susceptible to water damage and mold. It is not unusual for water damage claims to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. In buildings where units are unoccupied for any length of time, the risk is even greater. Property Managers, Boards of Directors and property owners will all rest more easily when they know that their building is protected with H2alO. The Smart Water Leak Detection solution can even detect leaks from a/c units and provide automatic shutoff of the a/c. No smart home or building is complete without the benefits of the automatic detection and shut-off capabilities of H2alO. Buildings and residences can add more protection by including flow, temperature and humidity monitoring. 

Property managers can be automatically notified when there has been a water leak detected anywhere in their building. They can also rest easy, that the H2alO Smart Sensors not only detect but analyze and confirm a leak before any action is taken. Unlike the other water detection systems, H2alO will not create false alarms. More importantly, it will not miss leaks. Its smart technology, flat surface and expanded detection area make sure that it is number one solution for water damage prevention. 93% of water damage is preventable. H2alO is very affordable and it delivers the best available water leak detection solution for high rises. 

Many insurance companies offer discounts for Water Leak Detection Systems. H2alo’s advanced technology and smart sensors, make it part of an overall Smart Home and Property Solution.


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